Unite, Respect, Connect

Unite, Respect, Connect is a Community Development project forming part of the Ministry of the United Reformed Church in Huddersfield.

Action without Vision is only passing time,
Vision without Action is merely Daydreaming,
But vision with Action can change the world
(Nelson Mandela)

Objective: to Enhance and bring New Life into our community

• to engage with young people
• to build positive relationships
• to create safe spaces
• to become enablers.

This project began in May 2019. We started in the Dalton Ward of Huddersfield, but hopefully in time the project will develop in other areas. Some of the involvement since we began includes a Lantern Parade in Dec 2018 involving 120+ adults , young people and children. We made lanterns with Moldgreen School and many other members of the community of a variety of ages.

We have begun a Community Garden, in what was the church garden at Moldgreen URC. Families and children have grown vegetables and picked and cooked them. Our lettuces, for the community to cut and come again, were very popular. Our cabbages, cauliflowers and beans were amazing!!

We are now a safe space for those Living Well with Dementia and other people from our community of all ages and backgrounds.

This is just a snapshot of what we do. If you are interested in learning more please contact Rosie Buxton, rhoz.bee@gmail.com

An explanation follows of the Ministry of Church Related Community work:
church related community work is a distinctive and recognised ministry within the United Reformed Church and CRCWs play a vital role in the denomination’s community involvement. URC CRCWs are called by God, professionally and theologically trained and then commissioned to help the church to live out its calling.

CRCWs use the principles of community development to respond to and challenge the issues facing their particular neighbourhoods and communities and work alongside a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations, developing initiatives and projects to transform individuals, churches and communities.
Between them, CRCWs enable churches to widen their mission by:

• identifying local needs and opportunities;
• confronting injustice;
• organising community action;
• developing and supporting initiatives that improve the lives and wellbeing of local people;
• and theologically reflecting upon that action.

Tel: 01484 430 556